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Dipika Shah, DDS, MAGD, LLC | Cosmetic Dentistry in Holmdel

Dipika Shah, DDS, MAGD
(Master In Academy Of General Dentistry)

723 North Beers Street Suite 2F
Holmdel, NJ 07733-1512

Ph: 732-264-8180
E mail: Info@dentistnj.com

Holmdel, NJ Dentist Gentle Dental

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Holmdel, NJ Dentist Gentle Dental

Dr. Dipika T Shah. 723 North Beers Street, Holmdel, NJ 07733

Ph. # 732-264-8180. Web Adress: www.dentistnj.com


All About Cosmetic Dentistry:  Your Smile Affects the Way You Feel About Yourself. Your Smile Has Power & Influence. A  Beautiful Smile, A Pretty Face Brightens everyone’s day. Everyday Your Smile Paints A Picture of Yourself for Every Person You Meet. We Create Beautiful Smiles. 


Hollywood Secrets to Beautiful Teeth: Projecting a healthy image is important. Your teeth, skin, eyes and hair are just a few of the characteristics that make up your image. Altering any of these characteristics can enhance your appearance. Perhaps the most dramatic improvements are the result of changes to your teeth. Anyone can have that ‘Hollywood Smile”. 


Is Standard of beauty defined as Exceptionally White Teeth?

Don’t be surprised if you see someone sipping hot coffee with a straw. Those who want whitest and brightest smiles say they sip from the straw to avoid staining of their teeth from tea, coffee, cola and wine. New surveys indicate 530,000 patients per month are starting at-home bleaching of their teeth, professionally supervised by dentists. Tooth whitening is the least costly, noninvasive option for improving a smile. It is not a solution for all cosmetic concerns; it obviously is a very attractive alternative for patients unhappy with the color of their teeth.

Over the counter products for bleaching teeth are not proven to be effective. Any toothpaste that removes stains can be called whitening toothpaste according to FDA so any toothpaste can qualify to be called whitening toothpaste. Some toothpaste is as abrasive as sandpaper. As a consumer, you need to watch out for abrasives and chemicals they have and its’ long term effect. You can not expect the same results from over the counter products as from professionally supervised tray whitening.

Professional Whitening in the dental office includes making the moulds of your teeth to make custom fitting tray and bleaching material is supplied with proper instructions. You can see whitening of teeth within four to ten days; some intrinsic stains can take longer. If it is done in the office, bleaching material is applied to your teeth and it can be light activated or laser assisted. Successful bleaching may require multiple sessions at dental office or at home regimen. It requires no anesthetic, no drilling, and most conservative and safest method to lighten your teeth.


Undetectable fillings- a new look to traditional restorations:

Gold is the best material to fill cavities but it is the most expensive and un esthetic material in the market. If you do not care about “Gold Looks”, it is number one material of choice.  Silver amalgams have been traditionally used to fill cavities. It does not enhance the appearance, it requires lots of tooth structure removal- weakens teeth, its edge strength is low so breaks at the margins and gives secondary decay, over the period it even darkens the teeth or teeth can fracture as silver amalgam does not flex when biting forces are applied and it requires removal of lots of tooth structure as it does not directly bond to the tooth, it still does good job restoring teeth. In most situations, modern tooth colored materials are strong enough to eliminate the need for visible metal, it bonds to your teeth- strengthens teeth, less tooth structure reduction- preserves tooth, and often undetectable to eyes. With new technolology like air abrasion and laser, we may not even need to give you anesthetic as there is no need to numb. Also bonding material is strong and bonds best to Enamel, we remove only decayed, deceased, dead part of your tooth structure, preserving all of your sound tooth structure to support the filling. We use white light to cure that material so you do not have to wait till the material sets. Final step is shaping the filling and polishing it.


No metal shadows at gum line with new non-metal crowns and bridges:

When metal sensitivity is a concern, metal free restorations are an alternate choice. All ceramic crowns and bridges are preferred, because they look natural due to their translucency- permits light to penetrate and reflect from within the tooth structure, eliminating the unnatural look of metal shadows at gum line. You can also get ceramic crowns lined inside with the gold foil or yellow gold to reflect natural yellow hue to the finished product. Tooth colored crowns and bridges without metal gives you the best esthetics and no more dark lining showing at the gum line.


Trademark “Hollywood Smile”

Porcelain veneers are used to repair broken down, chipped, stained or uneven front teeth. Porcelain Veneers can change an unattractive smile into one that is absolutely beautiful. It is like a fake fingernail. Depending upon the individual situation and to allow for the thickness of the porcelain, we remove very thin about .5mm to 1mm of tooth enamel and bond that veneer on your teeth. By now you should be more aware of Hollywood’s smile secrets and the esthetic dental options that are available. Please do not hesitate to ask us for a free consult to improve your smile. Porcelain Veneers give natural beautiful look to your smile by fixing fractured or damaged teeth, or by aligning crooked teeth or just changing the color of stained teeth.


Invisalign:  If your teeth shape is great and no dark stains or fillings but they are just not aligned well, easiest way to align them is with Invisalign.  Advance way to straighten your teeth and improve your smile without braces is with Invisalign. Using the latest imaging technology, clear aligners are made to fit your teeth, each aligner is worn 2 to 3 weeks, followed by new set of aligners. Length of the treatment depends on the complexity of the case. Some patients like to straighten only their front teeth, yes, that can also be achieved without moving your back teeth and some prefer to align full upper and lower arches. New technology allows us to give you the smile that you dreamed of without unsightly brackets and wires. They are removable so you can maintain your oral hygiene lot better than braces.


Receding Gums:  Some people have receding gums on their front teeth, making their teeth look too long or they have little stained or unsightly grooves and notches on their teeth at the gum line. Well, now we can give you nice looking teeth and gums back with a minor soft tissue surgery to make them look nice and even contour.


Botox and Dermal Filler: Dentists are trained to give injections in and around the oral cavity. They are also trained to give you the best possible esthetics. We know how to give you much younger and natural look to complement your smile. It is least invasive and easy process to give you dermal filler/Botox to enhance your lips and take your wrinkles away or prevent you from getting wrinkles at a very reasonable cost. Who knows better anatomy and Oro-facial beauty better than dentists! It is painless and instant gratification in enhancing your beauty. Botox and dermal filler also prevents you from getting aged look by getting less wrinkles.

Laser Surgery: Do your teeth look smaller or do you have uneven gum line or do you have Gummy smile? We have solution for your smile. With laser we can shape your gums and smile without any pain and little or no anesthetic required. New advances in dental technology allows us to give you painless, bleeding less, fast healing procedure to walk out with beautiful smile that you always wanted.

Implant: Are you missing teeth in the front? Are you concerned about denture getting loose and coming out while you talk or sneeze? Are you concerned about bridge ruining your adjacent good teeth? If you want confidence and a great smile, ask your dentist about replacing missing front teeth with implants to give you the look that you desire. Implant is a screw placed in the bone in the place of your own root that supports the crown. No need to drill down adjoining healthy teeth. Implants are not just limited to front teeth; it can be used to replace your back teeth also. Implant is one of the best choices one can make to replace his/her own tooth/teeth.

Dr. Dipika Shah
723 North Beers Street Suite 2F
Holmdel, NJ 07733-1512

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