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Dipika Shah, DDS, MAGD, LLC | Root Canal in Holmdel

Dipika Shah, DDS, MAGD
(Master In Academy Of General Dentistry)

723 North Beers Street Suite 2F
Holmdel, NJ 07733-1512

Ph: 732-264-8180
E mail: Info@dentistnj.com

Holmdel, NJ Dentist Gentle Dental

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Root Canal

When tooth is fractured or infected deep into your nerve and blood supply of tooth, it can be saved only with a root canal therapy. No replacement is as good as your natural teeth, so we recommend to save it with root canal therap, Holmdel, NJ. It has very high rate of success (more than 90%). With recent changes in technology, root canal can be done in a short 1 hour or less single visit (unlike 3-4 visits). It can be painless, quick with lot better results. Old myth that “root canal teeth are doomed to be extracted” is not true if proper follow up treatment is done to save that tooth like to built up broken or decayed part and crown on a root canal tooth, can last a long time.



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