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Dipika Shah, DDS, MAGD, LLC | Sports Dentistry in Holmdel

Dipika Shah, DDS, MAGD
(Master In Academy Of General Dentistry)

723 North Beers Street Suite 2F
Holmdel, NJ 07733-1512

Ph: 732-264-8180
E mail: Info@dentistnj.com

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Sports Dentistry

Play Safe: Good news for Athletes:  Preventing Oral Injuries can save you Thousands! Not all Mouth guards are safe! Although our practice is focused on restorative and cosmetic dentistry, treating sports related trauma has been an integral part of our office routine for the last twenty five years.

One of the biggest problem in contact sports is concussion. It is caused by trauma to head or a direct blow to the chin or lower jaw.  We see and treat injuries from minor laceration, fractured teeth, fractured jaws, TMJ (jaw joint) trauma, avulsed teeth, displaced teeth, along with blurred vision, slurred speech, loss of memory, loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting and dizziness. 

Well fitting Mouth guards provide the best protection against head and face injuries.  Mouth guard should be required for contact and non contact sports like baseball, soccer, basketball, skateboarding, surfing, cycling, Hockey, or even playing tennis or ping-pong. Cost of dental injuries is significantly higher than the cost of mouth guards to prevent injuries. Chance of getting sports injury in a lifetime is 33 to 56%. The sad thing is that we see head and face injuries that may have been prevented by wearing dentist fitted mouth guards. Ill-fitting mouth guards jammed into socks, pockets or hanging from their straps in stead of being in the mouth is because they  are bulky, dislodge easily , interfere with their breathing and talking.

Dentist fitted multi-layered mouth guards are comfortable, odorless, resilient, tasteless, non-bulky, non- interfering with speech and breathing, saves teeth, jaw, supporting structures and brain trauma.



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